Best Documentary win at Europe Film Festival U.K.

Mar 4, 2021

Orionvega is happy to announce that the episode of When Titans Clash, Pride and Shame has taken the Best Documentary prize at the Europe Film Festival U.K. Channel News Asia hired Orionvega, and Joe Serkoch a local company of record, in the Pittsburgh region. Joe worked as Producer on the episode with Pearl Forss, Lead Producer out of Singapore. Congratulations to both producers and the entire international team who worked on pulling this intense episode together.

When Titans Clash is a multi-part documentary series by Channel News Asia, investigating the China and United States relationship and its effects on the political and economic climates of both countries.

Pride and Shame, sheds a light on the CoVid-19 pandemic and some of the ripple effects on businesses and local communities. Jamie Younger of Young Brothers Bar, in the Woods Run neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is featured prominently from 38:22 (timecode)


US China relations are at its worst in modern history. How are the historical forces of pride and shame driving the conflict? Understand China’s Century of Humiliation and discover how poverty in America is invoking anti-China public sentiment. As ties worsen, we discover communities in disarray, companies on the brink and countries compelled to thread a tightrope.

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