That's a wrap! Post production begins on Poe Movies' Tell-Tale Heart

Lauren DeMichiei
Jun 10, 2022

It's been seven years since the last collaboration. Orionvega partners once again with Poe Movies to produce the latest short film in a suite of some of Edgar Allan Poe's most appreciated and venerable works. Pre-production of The Tell-Tale Heart began in early 2022. This is the third collaboration with Orionvega's, Joe Serkoch as Producer and Poe Movie's Thad Ciechanowski as Director.

Tea time on the set of Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart

Also returning are actors, Frank Tirio, Jr., and David JM Bielewicz, the star of The Raven and The Cask of Amontillado. Richard Tardell returns from Cask to play the part of the old man. Director of Photography, Jeff Garton, brings his feature film experience to capture the horror that befalls the old man at the hands of the mad woman, Rosie Duiguid. Those familiar with Poe's tale penned in 1843, will expect a narrator of strength who carries out such dastardly deeds. The Poe Movie writers add an additional layer of diegesis; reflecting our modern times onto Tell-Tale Heart's 19th century presentation, by casting Rose Duiguid as the lead antagonist and narrator.

Placing these characters in surroundings which compliment Poe's gothic literature, Art Director Barbie Pastorik, leans heavily on the turn of the century home where the film was shot, in its entirety. In order to bring Poe's past environs to life, Barbie brings her expertise right off of the heels of production on the upcoming Netflix movie starring Christian Bale and Gillian Anderson, The Pale Blue Eye. This film is based on the historical mystery by author Louis Bayard. It focuses on the period of Edgar Allan Poe's life when he enlisted in the army. And the title of the film, references the cloudy cataract eye of the old man protagonist in Tell-Tale Heart.

The challenging three-day shoot relied heavily on a tight-knit group of professional filmmakers and artisans who excel in their positions. Joe Serkoch of Orionvega, assembled an all-star team who all went above and beyond, to see that this self-funded short film adaptation could meet its full potential. Post-production now begins, and the release date is upcoming. Follow Poe Movies on Instagram for the latest Tell-Tale Heart release updates and additional Poe news.

Joe Serkoch and Richard Tardell on-set of the Tell-Tale Heart
Joe Serkoch and Richard Tardell on-set
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