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The Hellfire Nation Episode of Power and Piety documentary series airs

Apr 10, 2017

Channel News Asia's Power and Piety documentary series, The Hellfire Nation episode debuts on March 9th, 2017.

For this episode, Orionvega works belong side Channel News Asia to produce the episode. OV's Joe Serkoch is the U.S. producer and intermediary on the project. He is able to secure interviews with all of the American contacts, even those that had been in hiding. Joe contacts key interviewees in: the Hutaree militia, the Redoubt Movement, The Creation Museum, Brown University, and The National Academy of Sciences. Orionvega's US efforts support Channel News Asia production of Power and Piety : The Hellfire Nation.

Power and Piety : The Hellfire Nation

The Founding Fathers of the United States insisted on a wall of separation between Church and State. Mobeen Azhar investigates how the Christian right has broken through this wall – many denouncing their faiths, supporting the most controversial president, Donald Trump, to build the Hellfire Nation.

About the show:

Across the world, passionately held religious faith inspires conflict and violence. From Yangon to Utah, some believers preach intolerance – even murder. Mobeen Azhar is a journalist and film maker: his Muslim family is from Pakistan but he grew up between two worlds in Britain. He has seen first-hand how beliefs can fuel intolerance. In this 5-part series, Mobeen embarks on an epic journey to find out why religious beliefs that preach a message of compassion, can be harnessed to serve very different ends.

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