Orionvega has expertise with industrial video

Jan 11, 2017

There are countless examples of industrial video, in the project section, that Orionvega has provided. OV has worked with national and international clients in the industrial and advanced manufacturing sector. The linked video is a short montage of clips from some of our most intriguing video projects. Without listing all of the companies who have trusted OV for their industrial videos, we’ll mentioned the specialty industries. The specialty industries OV has expertise in: industrial coatings, steel, power management, rail, safety equipment, and advanced manufacturing.

It’s crucial to choose a Pittsburgh video production company that has experience working in these environments. They can be extreme and dangerous and your video project should closely follow the safety of your employees and contractors. Give Orionvega a call at 412-428-9501 ext 2 to discuss your next industrial video.

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