Joe Serkoch, Producer on HGTV’s Restored by the Fords pilot

Dec 12, 2016
On-set Restored by the Fords pilot

Orionvega’s Joe Serkoch is working as a field producer to assist entertainment company, High Noon Entertainment. Their new show, Restored by the Fords, is slated to air as a pilot on HGTV. High Noon Entertainment is a reality television production company hailing from Los Angeles, CA with offices in Denver, CO. They are credited with creation and production of shows such as: TLC’s Cake Boss and HGTV’s wildly popular, Fixer Upper. Fixer Upper is a show based on the renovation and design businesses of husband and wife team, Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Restored by the Fords is a show in a similar vein as Fixer Upper. But, instead of a married couple, The Fords are a brother and sister team. Both Fords are successful entrepreneurs with businesses on both coasts. They come together on December 13th at 11pm ET to debut their pilot on HGTV and then again for an encore performance on December 17 at 1p ET.

Joe Serkoch acted as Field Producer and B-Camera for the pilot, and worked directly with High Noon Entertainment during shooting. Tune in and see Joe’s handy work, in addition, see the super hip reveal of the Fords’ first design and renovation project, on the show.

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