Eyes from the Skies on The Drone Trainer Podcast

Dec 9, 2020

Joe Serkoch, drone pilot of Orionvega dba Eyes From the Skies , sits down with Chris of The Drone Trainer Podcast. Orionvega now offers licensed and insured Pittsburgh drone photography. Over the years, Orionvega has subcontracted out to drone pilots to work with Joe on his video productions projects. In this episode of The Drone Trainer Podcast, he discusses what he was looking for when hiring a drone pilot. He also goes into the greater knowledge he has acquired about the craft now, since obtaining his FAA Part 107 license.

Orionvega offers fully licensed and insured Pittsburgh aerial photography. Companies should make this important distinction when choosing a drone pilot. Specialized insurances and licenses are required for drone photography. A licensed drone pilot will know which areas at a location are considered “no-fly" zones.  In order to avoid costly fines from governments, potential privacy lawsuits, and potential accidents due to equipment failures companies producing video work with aerial photography should always hire a licensed pilot. As an FAA licensed drone pilot, Joe Serkoch, has hours of training needed to capture creative drone visuals without sacrificing quality… nor safety.

From TDT 132 - Pro Video Production and Drones with Joe Serkoch

Joe is a two time Emmy award-winning Producer and Founder of Orionvega, Pittsburgh video production company. He has produced highly-visible projects for a variety of clients including: Dove, Calvin Klein, Olympic Paints, and Sinking Ship Entertainment. Networks that have featured Joe’s work include ChannelNews Asia, PBS, SPIKE, HGTV, DISCOVERY, and Comedy Central.

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