CNA When Titans Clash Fallout S1 Ep2 production debuts

Jan 21, 2021

When Titans Clash, Fallout

Orionvega produced an interview segment on solar energy in the Pittsburgh region for Channel News Asia's When Titans Clash Fallout, Season 1, Episode 2. Joe Serkoch, OV Producer, connected with Joe Morinville of Energy Independent Solutions. They discuss the impact of the United States and China relationship, on the solar industry in America. Orionvega produced the segment with the CNA team out of Singapore. See timecode 20:22 for the Pittsburgh, PA segment.


Who suffers when superpowers clash? Meet the people caught in between, the companies struggling, and visit the places stuck in limbo, as US and China trade blows.

US China relations are at its worst in modern history. How are the historical forces of pride and shame driving the conflict? Understand China’s Century of Humiliation and discover how poverty in America is invoking anti-China public sentiment. As ties worsen, we discover communities in disarray, companies on the brink and countries compelled to thread a tightrope.

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Ep2 When Titans Clash Energy Independent Solutions

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