Eaton Arch Quenching Switchgear Product Industrial Video

Project Info

Orionvega video production worked with Eaton on their product industrial video for Arch Quenching Switchgear (AQS). Motion graphics were used to demonstrate key product statistics and information. All of the supporting graphics were provided by the client and Orionvega followed all of Eaton’s brand-standards.

Eaton Arc Quenching Switchgear reduces incident energy to a level where the switchgear will survive an electrical arc flash event, while providing enhanced safety and minimal equipment downtime. Arc Quenching switchgear meets and exceeds the arc-resistant testing requirements of C37.20.7 by demonstrating acceptance even when breakers are removed, doors are open, covers are removed, and without the need for ducts, plenums or special enclosure construction. [ eaton.com/us/en-us/catalog/low-voltage-power-distribution-controls-systems/arc-quenching-magnum-ds-low-voltage-switchgear.html]

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