The Hellfire Nation Episode of Power and Piety Documentary Series

April 10, 2017

Episode 2, The Hellfire Nation, of Power and Piety, the documentary Orionvega worked with Channel NewsAsia on debuted on March 9th, 2017. Orionvega’s Joe Serkoch was the U.S. intermediary who secured interviews with all of the American contacts. He made contact with key interviews in the Christian militia of the Hutaree, the Redoubt Movement, The Creation Museum, Brown University, and The National Academy of Sciences.

The documentary series is hosted by London’s Mobeen Azhar. You’ll want to set aside some time to watch this ep all the way through. Check it out at the below link.

The Hellfire Nation

The Founding Fathers of the United States insisted on a wall of separation between Church and State. Mobeen Azhar investigates how the Christian right has broken through this wall – many denouncing their faiths, supporting the most controversial president, Donald Trump, to build the Hellfire Nation.

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