Studio Avery, a video production & photo shoot partner

December 03, 2012

Orionvega has been working on making Studio Avery a viable and comfortable production studio for smaller video productions and photo shoots. Even as the work continues, Studio Avery has been utilized by the local Pittsburgh video production community for client productions, and has been met with rave reviews.

The layout is built to be conducive to productivity and comfort. Two sets of double doors leading into the production space allows for natural and easy access to the kitchen and lounge areas and makes for a simple load-in experience. Studio Avery aims to provide a wide array of in-house studio and lighting equipment, and as that list grows, so will the ease of use for the productions hosted in the space.

Shooting green screen, infinite white, or interview sessions in a conference room or other office location does not always provide an environment that works for professional audio nor client comfort. Studio Avery has sound treated, layered drywall, and mass vinyl ceilings, fitted with its own HVAC controls, air dumps, and QuietFlex for maximum airflow without the noise. The studio has been fitted with dampening sound clouds and movable wall panels for robust audio control, in addition to the QuietDoor sealed and padded entrance ways.

To find out more information on Studio Avery, or to schedule a tour, give us a call or check out Studio-Avery dot com

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