Increase website user engagement analytics

Orionvega provides video production and post production services for the production of video presentations online. Our goal when producing for the web, is to create unique and informative visuals that entice users to spend more time on your website. Websites attain longer user engagement by utilizing video for internet marketing initiatives.

Videos for software apps

As web commerce heats up, it is becoming very competitive in the internet marketplace. For web interactive to stand out from the multiplicity, successful companies have been looking to video as the way to engage users and explain their product or service. The increased popularity of smartphone apps have made it more difficult to gain acceptance into e-commerce markets, like the Apple App Store. Many are requiring video to accompany the app during the approval process. This is the perfect opportunity for companies to create video for that process while effectively marketing to and engaging potential customers on the internet.

The web video above was created for Conversant Lab’s SayKit SDK (software development kit.) It showcases the most important features found in its software and markets them in an easily understandable storyline.