Video Production and Process

OV provides high-definition video and post-production including: motion graphics and animations, vfx, coloring, compositing and audio post. Collaborating with your agency or marketing team, we produce full-service on location productions or in-house shoots at our Pittsburgh facility, Studio Avery. Our suites and staff are equipped to handle 2.5K, 4K, and 5K high-definition video formats.

Great ideas
  • After the initial creative meetings or conferences with key-project stakeholders, we develop a production budget for your sign-off.
  • Scripts and shot schedules are developed by the production team for sign-off.
  • Talent, creative assets, and licenses are acquired and booked.
  • Final scheduling and planning of the shoot begins.
  • If the project does not require shooting, the Producer proceeds to post-production.
  • Key production personnel arrive on-set for shooting.
  • Each shot is set from the approved script and schedule.
  • Footage, b-roll and audio is acquired and directed by the production crew.
  • The shot schedule is amended, as needed, to reflect the remaining shoot days or added shot list.
  • The production wraps and the footage is taken into post-production.
  • Footage and audio is logged and captured into the post-production editing system.
  • Shots are selected by the Producer & Editor.
  • The rough cut is assembled for Client approval.
  • Compositing & coloring techniques are added to the raw footage.
  • Creative assets, text, and motion graphics are created and applied to video project.
  • Music and audio is edited, mixed and applied.
  • The final cut is sent for Client approval & feedback.
  • The approved file is encoded and exported for delivery.

Increase Your Budget’s Reach

Orionvega will maximize your video production budget to produce a professional, high quality and creative project that will deliver your message. Our Pittsburgh video production company, works together to create engaging and memorable videos. We draw from local talent and production professionals to fill in the key roles needed, in order to attain an effective final product that you’ll love. And with an extensive network of video professionals across the United States, quality is never compromised.

It has been a pleasure working with Joe and his entire team at Orionvega… My team has been very happy with the work he has produced for us. It’s first class, creative, and captures the essence of the message we’re trying to deliver.
Chad Callen, Operations Manager, Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology