Pittsburgh Studio Progress

August 15, 2012

Moving is never a fun prospect and you always end up having more stuff than you expected; it is the crux of relocation. But one cannot help but become excited about all of the new possibilities that a space can inspire. Orionvega is finally moved in to their new offices at 502 Avery Street Pittsburgh, PA on the Northside in historic Deutschtown.

Pittsburgh Post Production Suite

Orionvega’s Post Production Suite

Many of the finishing touches have yet to be seen, but over the next few months as video production workflow allows, the space will be closer to completion. The open-house is tentatively scheduled, but stay tuned to Orionvega News for updates.

In addition to the offices and new post-production suite, the 756 square foot production studio is undergoing a huge transition as layered sound-proofing of the ceiling, studio doors, and supporting walls begins.

Pittsburgh Production Studio

Studio Avery sound-proofing in-progress

Originally the space at 502 Avery, was inhabited by a local photographer and Orionvega welcomes Pittsburgh photographers to schedule fall photo shoots. Sound proofing the studio will allow local video production companies to utilize a quiet and functional space for green screen, infinite white, interviews, and smaller production video shoots. A dressing room and audio booth help to round out the studio space as a convenient creative space for Orionvega productions and video productions of local industry colleagues.

Orionvega currently is scheduling one on one walk-throughs for Pittsburgh video production companies and freelancers that have interest in creating or producing a project at Studio Avery.

Orionvega Pittsburgh Video Production

Studio doors on right, kitchen on left

If you have interest in a walk-through, speak with Lauren for more information.

Interested in an outside view, Studio Avery is at 502 Avery Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212