OV wins a couple of bronze beauties

March 30, 2015

The OV crew took home two bronze Tellys in 20-15.  The awards were the culmination of efforts on two very special projects the team had the opportunity to work on: The American Chronic Pain Association’s Coping Within the Family video series and Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology’s A Career in Nursing Commercial.

Both projects featured an all-star cast and crew, however, the former was much more challenging in terms of realizing the vision of the script from a budgetary standpoint. The crew was scaled down to only a few key people, namely Jessie Colaizzi as Director of Photography, and Joe Serkoch as Director & Producer. Focusing on working with actors to carry the script to its full potential, was the best strategy to make Coping Within the Family an informative yet engaging web series. The ACPA can now add an award winning web video to their roster of teaching tools aimed to educate those dealing with chronic pain.

PIHT’s commercial campaign focused on exploring the reasons why, so many pursue continuing education to work in the healthcare field. A Career in Nursing shows the realities of working as a nurse, and how rewarding the career choice can be. Andrew Batista directed the spot with Jesse Colaizzi again as DP and Joe Serkoch as Producer. Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology can air this spot knowing others, do in fact, relate to the emotion conveyed while effectively demonstrating how the nursing profession is worthy of pursuing.

Check out the winning projects:

ACPA – Coping Within the Family

PIHT – A Career in Nursing