2013 Post Production Periodic Reel

It’s that time again, where we take to the Orionvega video vaults and search through projects since we last compiled a video & post production sizzle reel. Since April of 20-12 there have been a few prominent highlights: we traveled to Georgia where we battled the elements in order to create an optimum production environment, we met some awesome teachers who are developing exciting new programs for their students both online and in the classroom, we turned Penny the dog into a fox using a green screen and rotoscoping techniques, and we even toured through the vast halls of the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC. Overall, we’ve worked on a number of memorable projects this year and we’re looking forward to what we have cooking for the next half. Don’t forget to pick up a digital copy of The Color Fleet and their song Animals which is featured on our periodic post-production reel for 20-13. Cheers!

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